Thursday, April 22, 2010

Conjugation of Irregular Verbs!!!!

Just to remind you, IRREGULAR VERBS don not look like their original form! They are funky.

Verb: Ser

Yo: Soy
Nosotros: Somos
: Eres
Vosotros: Sois
Ella: Es
Ellas : Son
Ello Ellos
Usted Ustedes

Yo: Fui
Nosotros: Fuimos
Tú: Fuiste
Vosotros: Fuisteis
Ella: Fui Ellas : Fueron
Ello Ellos
Usted Ustedes

Yo: Era
Nosotros: Eramos
Tú: Eras Vosotros: Erais
Ella: Era Ellas: Eran
Ello Ellos
Usted Ustedes

Present Progressive
Yo: Estoy Siendo
Nosotros: Estamos Siendo
Tú: Estás Siendo
Vosotros: Estáis Siendo
Ella: Está Siendo
Ellas : Están Siendo
Ello Ellos
Usted Ustedes

Imperfect Progressive
Yo: Estaba Siendo
Nosotros: Estabámos Siendo
Tú: Estabas Siendo
Vosotros: Estabais Siendo
Ella: Estaba Siendo
Ellas: Estaban Siendo
Ello Ellos
Usted Ustedes

Infinitive Tú

Negative Tú
No Seas

Infintive Usted
No Sea

Infinitive Ustedes
No Sean

A Conjugation of a Regular verb in every tense!!

Correr (to run)

yo- corro
nosotros- corremos
- corres
vosotros- corréis
el/ella- corre
ellos/ellas- corren

Present Progressive:
yo- estoy corriendo
nosotros- estamos corriendo
- estás corriendo
vosotros- estáis corriendo
el/ella- está corriendo
ellos/ellas- están corriendo

yo- corrí
nosotros- corrimos
- corriste
vosotros- corristeis
el/ella- corrió
ellos/ellas- corrieron

yo- corría
nosotros- corríamos
- corrías
vosotros- corríais
el/ellas- corría
ellos/ellas- corrían

Imperfect Progressive
yo-estaba corriendo
nosotros- estábamos corriendo
- estabas corriendo
vosotros- estabais corriendo
el/ellas- estaba corriendo
ellos/ellas- estaban corriendo

Negative Tu Commands
no corras


(no) corra

(no) corran

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Usted and Ustedes Commands

Usted and ustedes commands are created like negative tú commands, and are used for both affirmative and negative commands. To create an usted command: form of yo, drop the - o, add the opposite ending. Think of the present tense yo form of the verb you want to make into an usted command, then drop the - o ending and add the él, ella, usted ending normally used for the opposite kind of verb.

If it ends in -AR for usted add -E.
If it ends in -AR for ustedes add -EN.

If it ends in -ER or -IR for usted add -A.
If it ends in -ER or -IR for ustedes add -AN.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

The Impersonal Se!

Impersonal expressions are used when the subject of a verb is unspecified. They are mostly used when something is done to the subject.

Steps on how to formulate one! :

1.) Determine what verb you want to use.

2.) Conjugate the verb into the usted form, whether it's singular or plural.

3.) Add "se" before the verb.

Negative Tú Commands

Steps for Negative Tú Commands:
1.) Take the 1st person singular version of the verb (yo form).
2.) Drop the "-o"
3.) If it's an -AR verb, add "-es". If it's an -ER or -IR verb, add "-as".
3.) Don't forget to put "no" before the verb.

Examples of Negative Tú Commands:
-To conjugate the verb correr into a negative tú command you conjugate the verb into the yo form, which would be corro. Then, you drop the -o. Since it is an -ER verb, you add "-as" to the end, which would make it corras. Make sure you don't forget to add the "no" before the verb! No corras. Which means "Don't run."

-To conjugate the verb participar into a negative tú command you conjugate the verb into the yo form, which would be participo. Then, you drop the -o. Since it is an -AR verb, you add "-es" to the end, which would make it participes. Then add the "no" before it. No participes. Which means, "Don't participate."